Refund Policy

Leads Return Policy

Take advantage of our fair and easy return policy that gives agents credit for invalid leads. We provide you with a full 24 hours to return a lead.

We can credit your account FULL PRICE for the following reasons:

  • All numbers provided are disconnected, faxed, or the wrong number.
  • The lead will be delivered within 24 hours after the payment is processed by the agent.
  • A lead is a duplicate already received from another agent within the past 24 hours.
  • Contact is another agent testing the system.
  • Contact is a student researching a school project.
  • The contact information is obviously incorrect upon initial inspection (Mickey Mouse, asdf, etc.).
  • A language barrier exists with the contact.
  • As part of your service plan, you will be able to return: Consumers insured by my primary carrier
  • Cancelled payments, chargebacks, and disputed charges You expressly agree that you will not attempt to cancel, dispute, or chargeback any payments made to Digilex360. Any efforts to do so are a direct and material breach of this agreement and will cause Digilex360 monetary and reputational damages.

To return a lead, simply email us at and attach all related details of the lead you need to return for credit. Mention the appropriate reason for returning the lead in the email.

Please allow up to 5 business days to process a lead for credit. Credits for leads covered under the Return Policy are applied towards your account balance immediately and are good towards future lead purchases.

Please note that we can only credit for the reasons listed above.

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