ACA health insurance leads


The ACA health insurance is also known as Obamacare. This is a subsidy (tax credit) that the US government is providing to the qualified people in the US. Therefore, we help you to get ACA health insurance leads. The Federal Government provides subsidy of health and medical insurance for the following categories:


  • Your age should not be more than 65 years old.
  • Your annual income should be below $50,000.
  • You should not be registered with Medicare, Medicate, VA, or job insurance.
  • you should not have any disability. 

If a person fulfills the requirements, he is eligible for this service.

How we generate Obamacare leads for you:

We work on multiple grounds to generate aca leads for you; moreover, we convert those aca leads into potential customers for you.

If you want to generate aca leads with screening, we have two prominent services for you: inbound and outbound calls.


Inbound Calls:

We have a tremendous team of inbound experts. We live in the era of digital marketing, so, we promote your business through different mediums to get inbound leads. Our agents apply the screening method to filter the potential customers from those inbound leads and refer them to the independent partner agents or insurance companies.

Just have a look on our procedure of generating Inbound calls.


Social media campaigns:

Social media is one of the best platforms for generating leads. A huge population of the US is the user of different social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, X, Facebook, TikTok, and many more.

Our social media handlers will run the ads of our partner companies on these platforms. Those ads will cover all necessary information regarding the product. It will also carry contact information so that if the person watching the ad is interested in the product, he may contact the company. This way, we also generated inbound leads for our valued partners.


WhatsApp messaging:

Almost every American citizen uses WhatsApp. We put in writing the necessary information regarding the services or products of our valued partners and WhatsApp them to the users. Once they find the product interesting, they will contact the given number. This way, they will get to know about the services of our partner agents or company. This increases the possibility of generating potential leads for them, isn’t it?



We have expert blog writers who have exceptional writing and advanced-research skills and techniques. They set the tone of the blog so accurately that whoever reads it gets inspiration.

Moreover, they explain the nitty-gritty of the services and products of the partner companies in their blogs. They are also experts in the SEO of such blogs because they rely upon advanced tools of SEO that will help your company or product to reside at the top.


Outbound Calls:

We also provide the service of outbound calls for ACA insurance leads. Our customer representatives make calls to local people in the US. They brief them about our partner agents or company’s product, its durability, and its availability. And once those prospects get familiar with the product we forward them to our partner agents or companies.

Moreover, our screening officers arrange meetings and resolve concerns on behalf of our partners. Isn’t it cool? One more thing, we are fully regulated with TCPA compliance policy. As we take compliance seriously for our partner agents or companies, therefore, we are using an advanced AI tool named BLA (black list alliance).

Note: BLA is an AI tool that is used to avoid those people who are registered with federal, state do-not call lists or litigators. 


Why not contact us for the best future of your business?


We have other ways of generating leads for you without screening. Let’s discuss them in detail.



In a nutshell, Digilex360 guarantees to generate potential leads for ACA insurance. We have teams of experts in their fields. With the help of such a team, you may raise your business empire to new heights. 

Moreover, we facilitate our new agents or partners with free calls to let them know about the importance of our services and advanced-AI techniques; therefore, remember, your success is our success, and our success is your success. isn’t it a win-win situation? So, feel free to contact us.

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