Best final expense leads


Here at digilex360, we generate leads for final expense for our partner insurance companies. Thus, explore the ideas that Digilex360 provides to get the best final expense leads. We devise unique strategies based on the advanced research by our reliable professionals. This is how we do magic. 

Employees Trained in Sales:

Our call center is manned by tech-savvy, customer-focused staff members. They get training in the principles of Medicare and life insurance, as well as vetting for fluency in English and sales experience.

Cleaned Data:

After being cleaned up and made TCPA compliant, sales data is entered into our cutting-edge CRM calling system. Our state-of-the-art system encourages efficiency to maximize leads generated while maintaining affordable agency costs.

Screened Population Data:

The selected cities, counties, zip codes, and states are then used to filter the data. To produce life insurance leads, we target populations between the ages of 50 and 80, as well as between the income ranges of $15,000 and $45,000.

Total Cost Script Leads are created with a script that facilitates agents calling one another back. This helps agents to schedule more appointments and follow up more successfully.

Process for Quality Control:

The call tape is forwarded to management for examination following a senior’s request for additional details regarding Final Expense alternatives. Only leads that express interest in receiving additional information are forwarded to agents thanks to this quality control procedure.

Timely Delivery:

Within seven business days of the order, the leads are sent to the agent in an easily readable Excel spreadsheet. Thereafter, the agent can upload the data into the dialer or CRM program of their choice.


Final thoughts:

Since 2021, Digilex360 has been generating leads for our agents and companies. Moreover, we believe in the quality of the subject; therefore, we provide free calls initially and then throw the ball in your court. Final Expense leads are some common leads that we produce through inbound and outbound call services. In addition, inbound services include messaging, blogging, emailing, and social media campaigns. Digilex360 guarantees maximum leads out of our efforts for our partners. Hence, just dial our number to test your luck!

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