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A roofing firm that thrives on new leads is essential to its longevity. For this reason, obtaining fresh roofing leads ranks as roofers’ top priority.

However, waiting for the leads to come to you is the biggest error you can make. That just won’t happen if you don’t put in the effort. Fortunately, there are actions, strategies, and resources available to assist you in obtaining those fresh roofing leads.

What are they?

A lead is a prospective client that contacts your company in search of services or possible services. Customers are leads. They can, however, lead you to one. Whether or not a potential consumer becomes a customer depends on how you treat them after they establish contact with you.

A company needs a steady inflow of leads in order to stay in business and make money. Moreover, A company needs to generate more leads than it needs to sustain in order to expand.

Creation of roofing leads:

Creating roofing leads is just 50% of the fight. Sales will not always follow leads that are submitted. Taking good care of your leads and nurturing them is what converts them into paying customers. This is equally important.

One way to nurture a lead is to:

  • Give them a call to discuss their roof.
  • Obtaining a satellite measurement and providing them with an estimate that is good, better, or best.
  • Arranging a roof inspection and having a face-to-face meeting with them;
  • Sending an email requesting more details

For increased business productivity, roofing software facilitates lead generation, communication tracking, and nurturing effort monitoring.


Moreover, in this era of digital marketing, you can generate leads by following two effective methods: inbound and outbound calls.


Inbound calls:

Inbound calls are the calls a customer makes to a certain company for their services. Digilex360 provides the service of inbound calls. We advertise for you on almost every platform, including social media, text messages, and blogging. Moreover, we have a screening process for those leads. Do you know what screening is? Well, don’t worry; we will explain it to you.



It is a process in which we have conversations with those leads, and once those leads get premature, we send them to our esteemed partner companies or agents.


Our strategies are flawless and solid to pull maximum customers for you. Therefore, just make an appointment with us for the ultimate progress of your business.


Outbound calls:

Outbound calls are made by the customer service agents to catch the maximum clientele for you. We have a team of experts that will make calls to generate maximum leads for you. Furthermore, we have screening officers who, after proper evaluation of the leads, transfer them to our partner companies.


This team will brief them about your products, the availability of the stocks, and the importance of the product. This way, we believe, you will emerge as a strong business entity in your vicinity. 


Social media campaigns: 

Social networking is one of the most effective tools for lead generation. A large portion of the US population uses various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, X, Facebook, TikTok, and many more.

Our social media handlers will run ads for our partner companies on these networks. All relevant product information will be covered in those advertisements. It will also include contact information, so that if the person viewing the advertisement is interested in the goods, he can contact the company. In this way, we created inbound leads for our valued partners.


WhatsApp messaging:

Almost all Americans use WhatsApp. We write down all of the required information about our valued partners’ services or products and send it to users via WhatsApp. As soon as they think the product is intriguing, they will call the specified number. This way, they will learn about the offerings of our partner agents or company. Isn’t this increasing their chances of generating possible leads?



We have skilled blog writers who are excellent authors with superior research abilities and strategies. Therefore, they perfectly set the tone of the blog, leaving readers inspired and satisfied. Moreover, they discuss the details of the partner companies’ services and goods on their blogs. Furthermore, they are also professionals in SEO for such blogs because they employ innovative SEO technologies to help your company or product rank at the top.



In a nutshell, Digilex360 promises to produce potential leads for roofing sales. We have teams that are specialists in various fields. You may be able to take your business empire to new heights with the assistance of this team.

Furthermore, we provide free calls to our new agents or partners to inform them of the value of our services and innovative AI techniques; thus, keep in mind that your success is our success and our success is yours. This is a win-win situation, right? So do get in touch with us.

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