How to get home remodeling leads?


Homeowners are taking a long, hard look at their places and spending a lot of money updating because more people work from home and spend more time inside. HomeAdvisor says that millennials did 30% more remodeling projects in 2020 than any other generation. A Harvard study predicts that by 2026, people will spend $550 billion on renovation projects.

Your repair leads approach might need to be rethought if your company isn’t getting any work. You can use the six lead techniques below to make your online profile stronger and get more leads. In this blog we will discuss several techniques to get home remodeling leads.

1. Marketing on social networks 

social media marketing

51% of customers use social media to make buying decisions, and two-thirds of users visit local companies once a week. This means that remodeling workers have a huge chance to get leads from social media.

Many people who make more than $100,000 a year use Facebook, so it must be the best social media site for home remodelers. There is also Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube after that.

These platforms are great for builders to get homes to hire them, while LinkedIn and Twitter are more about business-to-business communication and industry news.

Here are some things you could post on social media:


  • Picture and video views of your renovation jobs before and after
  • Tips for updating your kitchen and bathroom in articles that link back to your site
  • Videos with customer reviews
  • A video of your most recent work
  • Compare blog posts about things like quartz vs. granite countertops or kitchen island trends 


2. Partnership in real estate and customer  referrals

Partnership in real estate and customer referrals

Connect with real estate agents in your area to get more renovation leads. Realtors help new homeowners get through the stressful process of buying a home, so they trust them. Their agent is the first person they’ll ask for professional advice when it’s time to update and fix up the house.

But don’t forget about your happy customers who are thrilled with the work you did. They’ll be happy to give you the name of a friend or family member who needs remodeling help.

You could even give them a credit for “referring a friend” that they can use on their next job. You can also ask them to explain your work in words. These steps will help you find more contractors.

3. Marketing by email 

Marketing by email

An email list is another way to find people who want to remodel. Ask people who follow you on social media to give you their email addresses in return for a free gift, like a printable makeover plan or a 30% discount offer when business is slow.

If you get to know the people on your list, they’ll think of you first when they want to remodel.

If you want people to open your emails, try these subject lines:


  • These cooking trends are great, [name]
  • Here are 10 tips for remodeling that will help your job go more easily.
  • Today only, get 15% off your next home improvement job! 


People open emails with clear, interesting subject lines that make them want to know more. Most email companies will mark your message as spam if the subject line has more than 50 characters. Also, don’t use words like “free.”

When you write emails, they should sound like they came from a real person. You should sound professional, but don’t use jargon or business talk. Also, don’t use complicated words like “utilize” when you can just say “use.”

4. Paid Advertisement 

Paid Advertisement

You can use free promotion methods like SEO, but they take time to build. If you want results right away, you can always buy ads. If you have a good offer and an interesting story, the following advertising methods might get people interested in your remodeling business.

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads: 

People will see your ads right away if they are keyword-driven. The ad is free until someone clicks on it. But keep in mind that someone else could bid higher than you.

Geo-targeting ad local advertising: You can also get more leads and sales with geo-targeting and local advertising on your phone. The bad thing about geo is that some people don’t like mobile ads.

5. Writing blogs 

Writing blogs

When you don’t know what to write, type the topic of your blog into Google to see what questions people want to know more about. Say you want to start a repair business. When you type that into Google, you’ll see questions in the middle of the page under the heading “People also ask.” Making posts based on search terms is a great way to come up with ideas and get good results.

Enter your keywords into Google Keyword Planner or to find out how often people look for them (volume) and how hard they are to rank for (keyword difficulty).

When keywords are already taken, you need to come up with a longtail term that is longer and more detailed. For instance, saw (hard) vs. long blade hand saw (longtail term).

Follow these tips to make your work better:

Your term should be in the lead, a few subheadings, and the tag title.

This is called keyword density, and it means that your term should show up easily in 0.5% to 1% of your text. That’s about 5 to 10 times in a 1,000-word post.

6. Website with a good design 

Website with a good design

Visitors will think more highly of your makeover business if your website looks good. When they see your photos and videos, they can imagine how you can change their homes. It’s better to spend money on a professional web designer than to try to do it yourself.

An expert makes sure that your site:

Looks good on all electronic devices (no pictures or text that jumps off the page)

It loads quickly, which hurts its SEO ranks.

is easy for guests to use and explore (they can find what they’re looking for)

Shows off your gallery’s best projects

is set up for SEO to bring in leads

Keep in mind that organic traffic takes time to build up, but it lasts longer than pay-per-click ads and is free if you make your own content. 


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