12 best ways to generate health insurance leads in 2024


Having difficulty attracting new customers despite the growing demand for Health Insurance products? With the increasing competition in the industry, acquiring new prospects has become more challenging. In order to thrive in the current market, it is crucial to tap into the marketing knowledge and technological capabilities of professionals who specialize in acquiring potential customers, such as Digilex360.

Our company specializes in providing companies and agents with top-quality health insurance leads for agents from individuals actively seeking insurance products. Explore our wide range of services, sign up for an account, and unlock the potential for business growth today!

Maximize Your Earnings Through u65 health insurance leads 

Maximize your business’s growth and boost your profits with targeted phone calls that connect you with customers who are eager to purchase your products. We can assist you in acquiring potential clients through focused marketing campaigns like health insurance leads live transfer and appointments, and provide you with all the necessary information for a successful engagement.

health insurance leads

Maintain your power 

Utilize cutting-edge technology and constantly expanding features on our dashboard to attract the most relevant prospects for your business. Utilize our suite of tools for recording, voice logic, and voice recognition to thoroughly assess the call quality you receive and effectively monitor the performance of your marketing campaigns.

Highly skilled and knowledgeable group 

We are a team of professionals specializing in marketing and acquiring new prospects. With our extensive experience of over five years, we have developed a proven process that has consistently delivered results. Our track record speaks for itself as we have successfully assisted numerous brands in expanding their customer base through our top-notch professional services. 

Our dedication to excellence drives us to be the preferred choice for businesses of all kinds. We strive to cultivate enduring partnerships with all our clients, collaborating closely to ensure they achieve a significant return on investment when they make a purchase from us.
So, are you looking for a place from where to buy health insurance leads, this portion is for you.

The Unique Process suggested by Digilex 360

Sign up with us and choose a category that aligns with your budget and the preferences and buy health insurance leads. Our team will utilize the data you provide to create a roster of potential clients and reach out to them via phone calls. In addition, we can assist you in generating inbound calls through various platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook, Snapchat, SEO, TikTok, and more. We are dedicated to assisting you in maximizing your business profit by guaranteeing that you receive the highest possible return on your purchases from us.

Maximizing the effectiveness of online content marketing through strategic SEO optimization

Creating informative content can help an insurance agency attract potential customers and guide them towards purchasing insurance products.

It’s no surprise that the majority of insurance shoppers now prefer to search for their policies online. By implementing a powerful digital marketing and SEO strategy, your company has the potential to attract a surge of new customers.

Utilizing content marketing strategies related to keywords such as “health insurance” or other insurance products can effectively enhance organic search rankings. By implementing these strategies, the website will attract more customers and improve the chances of acquiring new clients.

Maximizing the effectiveness of online content marketing through strategic SEO optimization

Make sure to incorporate the following elements into your digital marketing campaign:


  • Our agency offers a range of solutions, including auto insurance, life insurance, and general industry expertise. 
  • Creating educational insurance content, such as white papers that delve into complex insurance issues or products, has the potential to captivate a fresh lead. 
  • Calculators that allow users to interact and calculate insurance costs 
  • Creating targeted health insurance content for younger audiences or group insurance content for company owners is a great example of using SEO strategies. By crafting SEO content tailored to a specific audience, you increase your chances of attracting potential leads. 

Online web/contact form

It is important to ensure that online contact forms are integrated into the company’s web landing page for your digital marketing campaign or included in your targeted email templates.

But what exactly are they?

Online contact forms serve a similar purpose to chatbots, but they have a more static nature. This makes them well-suited for capturing customer information and handling insurance inquiries.

They take up minimal space on a web page, allowing potential leads to easily provide their contact information, including:


  • Full name 
  • Age and date of birth 
  • Please provide your email address and phone number.
    Requests for service 
  • By utilizing online contact forms, inbound leads have the opportunity to easily reach out to your agency, seamlessly entering your sales funnel. 

    targeted email templates.

Effective email marketing

Effective email marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their audience and drive engagement. By crafting compelling email campaigns, businesses can reach their customers directly and deliver targeted messages that resonate with their interests and needs. With strategic planning and thoughtful execution, email marketing can help businesses build brand loyalty, increase sales,

Email marketing involves sending promotional messages about products and services to a targeted audience, with the aim of turning them into potential customers.

By implementing this strategy, you can establish a seamless line of communication between the agency and potential clients, fostering a strong and lasting relationship. In addition, you have the ability to reconnect with older leads.

Effective email marketing
There are several advantages to utilizing email marketing as a lead generation service:


  • Having the ability to identify and attract potential clients, ultimately leading them into the sales pipeline. 
  • Ensure that all high-quality leads are followed up with and contacted. 
  • Encouraging older leads to connect with the brand on a deeper, more personal level. 
  • To ensure successful email marketing, it is crucial for your agency to compile a targeted email list consisting of individuals who have expressed interest in a particular insurance category, such as exclusive life insurance, auto insurance, or home insurance.
  • Additionally, crafting personalized emails tailored to each client’s specific needs and preferences is essential. This can assist in generating potential leads for insurance providers.
  • Sending homeowners emails with deals on home insurance premiums is an effective way to establish a connection with potential customers.
  • Research has demonstrated that an effective email marketing campaign can generate 50% more high-quality leads compared to other lead-generation strategies. When you send personalized emails to every member of your email subscriber list, it makes a significant difference. 

Customer Referrals

Generating an exclusive lead or converting a cold lead can be effectively achieved through referrals from satisfied customers who are already familiar with and enthusiastic about your service.

When customers are exposed to positive experiences with your agency, they are more inclined to choose you when they have an insurance need.

One effective strategy for increasing customer referrals is to proactively reach out to your current customers and inquire if they know of anyone who would find value in your product. By prioritizing excellent customer service and implementing loyalty rewards programs, your agency has the potential to significantly boost referrals.

Customer Referrals

Maximizing the Potential of Social Media Advertising

Social media has emerged as a highly sought-after platform for online advertising, particularly for generating leads.

With the rise of social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, insurance companies have the opportunity to reach out to a wide range of potential clients and qualified leads through targeted advertising.

Advertisers can utilize various factors such as demographics, languages, keywords, and interests to display posts to their target audience on most social media sites.

Conventional Advertising

Consider adopting a more traditional approach to your advertising strategy rather than solely relying on online tactics.

Traditional advertising techniques, like television partnerships and placing ads in newspapers and billboard displays, continue to be highly valued by the insurance industry for cultivating a localized customer base.

These advertisements may not be as focused as the ones mentioned earlier and may not generate shared leads, but they can still enhance your agency’s local presence and visibility. 

U65 health insurance leads vs aca health insurance leads

Coverage Mandates

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires coverage, which means that healthcare plans must include essential health benefits such as preventive care, emergency services, and mental health care.

U65 insurance plans, on the other hand, may impose additional restrictions and offer varying levels of coverage for different services. It is crucial for advertisers and publishers to effectively communicate these distinctions to their intended audience.

Marketplace and Private Options

Standardized coverage levels (bronze, silver, gold, platinum) are offered by ACA plans, which can be obtained through state-based marketplaces or the federal marketplace, Healthcare.gov.

U65 insurance can be acquired from private insurers or brokers, providing individuals with the flexibility to select coverage that meets their specific needs.

Factors to Consider Regarding Pre-existing Conditions

The ACA provides a significant advantage for individuals with chronic illnesses or previous health issues by prohibiting insurers from denying coverage or charging higher premiums based on pre-existing conditions.

Pre-existing conditions may be covered by certain U65 insurance plans, but others may impose limitations or exclusions. In order to promote ACA coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions, advertisers and publishers should prioritize highlighting its benefits.

Elevate Your Lead Generation with Digilex 360 (Best Health Insurance Lead Provider) Insights 

At Digilex 360, we leverage conversational AI to assist your sales team in extracting valuable insights from leads through call tracking, recording, and transcription. With the help of Digilex 360 features, your insurance business can effectively identify and cultivate high-quality leads, all while identifying potential upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Call us to get exclusive health insurance leads.

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