Effective Pest control pay-per-call Services: Get Rid of Pests Fast


Marketing services and generating revenue present distinctive obstacles for the pest control industry. Pay-per-call, on the other hand, can help pest control companies overcome these obstacles and maximize their marketing return on investment (ROI) by generating qualified, high-intent leads.

By working with a pay-per-call company, you can set up a campaign to receive incoming phone calls from qualified consumers. Furthermore, you will only pay for calls that meet your location and duration requirements.

Inbound phone calls have a significantly higher conversion rate than other types of inbound leads; for instance, a pay-per-call campaign for pest control achieves a conversion rate of 45%.

 Pest control pay-per-call

Pest Control Marketing Obstacles and Pay-Per-Call’s Solution

Get in touch with people who need professional pest control services.

When you do most marketing, you try to catch as many leads as possible. Some of them will be ready to hire professional pest control services. However, others will want to learn more about bugs, find do-it-yourself answers to their problem, or file a customer service claim.

Pay-Per-Call Service

A pay-per-call strategy brings in high-intent calls. Which certainly means that the person calling is generally ready to schedule professional pest control services.

If you work with a pay-per-call network, you can use their network of carefully chosen writers to get approved calls for your business. Having the ability to work with many companies without having to manage all of their contracts yourself is a big benefit.

 Pest control pay-per-call

Getting business leads for the most profitable pests

When it comes to expensive bugs like termites and mosquitoes, there is usually more competition for leads. Consequently, This leads to an increase in prices and a loss of opportunities to other companies.

Pay-Per-Call Service

Setting up campaign groups allows you to go after the services you want to grow in your pay-per-call campaign. You can also adjust the price for each area. Eventually, you can make your ad more competitive for the services you want to purchase.

 Maintaining Financial and Audience Control

Being in charge of your budget allows you to maximize its potential. Moreover, controlling your reach ensures that you only generate leads in the locations you service.

Our Pay-Per-Call Service

Pay-per-call allows you to control your budget, business hours, regions, and daily spending restrictions. You can also limit call volume to avoid long waiting times for call centre staff and customers.

 Assessing Advertising Campaigns

Regular advertising makes it difficult to track leads and spend money wisely.

Solution Based on Pay-Per-Call

With the right pay-per-call network, call scoring, recording, and tracking make campaign performance monitoring easy. However, to maximise your marketing budget, invest more in locations and sources that provide high-quality leads.


Start your pay-per-call campaign with Digilex360 LLC.

For pest control companies, pay-per-call is an excellent way to get quality leads. Besides, Finding the correct pay-per-call network requires a little research. Moreover, you should aim for a reputable network that provides consistent compliance, top-notch service, a dedication to performance, and interesting traffic sources.

Easily adapting to the demands of our advertisers, the Digilex360 LLC pay-per-call network generates 10,000 calls each month for pest control services. Additionally, Our in-house lead generation team accounts for over 30% of our call traffic. Whereas, the remaining 70% comes from our reliable network of qualified, screened publishers who have passed our rigorous network compliance criteria.

Our seasoned customer success staff is here to help, moreover, we provide call monitoring and quality testing to ensure that we fulfill our partners’ CPA criteria. 

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